Youth Experience Ministry

This ministry is exciting and unique, dedicated to the Spiritual and Emotional growth of our youth. We take great pride in the bond, love, and friendship our young people share with each other and most of all, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


This ministry is dedicated to enhancing and developing the gifts that God has given our young people. As our youth make the transition from teenagers to adults, this ministry is there to encourage wisdom and creative problem solving to empower our youth to grow while keeping their integrity.

The Children’s Place

This ministry provides a safe place for children to interact and while gaining biblical education. Parents are encouraged to sign their children into this ministry during service times in the Multipurpose Room.


NURSERY 0-2yrs.
Our newest citizens to the City are very special to us, and we want to provide the best care for them. This ministry is dedicated to the ready assistance of newborns during service times. Feel free to visit us during service times for postnatal assistance.