Vision of the House

A Church that Ministers to the Whole Person      

The Vision of Faith City centers on the “Whole Person”, ministering to the Individual, the Family, the Church, and the Community.  As we bear witness to these perilous times that have been prophesied to us in 2 Tim. 3:1 we see the necessity of evangelizing and equipping those who walk in the newness of God’s light.  These are they who must have been ministered to in order for themselves to effectively minister in their homes, walking by faith and not by fear, leading their spouses and children, not to an organization of auxiliaries which grows from the outside in, but to an Organism of Ministries which grows from the inside out to the city.

There is a need for the presence God’s people in our streets, our schools, our correctional institutions, our medical facilities, our shelters of those battered mentally as well as physically.  We are living in times where people are starving spiritually and physically.  A time where marriages are deteriorating simply due to the lack of understanding God’s given purpose for their lives and the fact that families must bond together not only spiritually, but mentally, and emotionally understanding and assisting one another in developing goals, spiritually, educationally, and materially, because God is still blessing the faithful both spiritually and materially.
Therefore, “Welcome to the City!”